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Adventure Trails Limited Guides are the people that make the difference. They are competent, mature, fun-loving individuals that raise a good trip into a grand one!

Our guides include teachers, experiential educators and elite members of the communities. They enjoy teaching, working with people, and have a passion for sharing their love of wildlife with others. All our guides are experienced and knowledgeable of the wildlife and activities while at your stay in Uganda and Rwanda. Adventure Trails Limited guides are aware that visitor satisfaction is a key to repeat business and a strategy of keeping a great relationship between clients and the company.

With no question, guides are the single most essential component of a successful tour or safari to any place. These people play an important role in providing the interpretive basics for a satisfying tour through the savannah or rainforest and also share insight into local traditions and customs desirable to make certain that a valuable vacation time yields remarkable memories, not forgetting that they are the face that represents all that we stand for.
Whether you will be traveling as a member of a group or independently, or in case you want a simple guided excursion any where in Uganda or Rwanda, our guides’ services are readily available to you.